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Quality Assurance

Our Accreditations

Prototype Electronics Ltd has been awarded ISO9001:2008 and we are audited regularly by the URS group. 


Quality Policy Statement

Prototype Electronics Ltd is committed to maintaining an unrivalled reputation for providing services that meet customer requirements.

To achieve this we uphold the following principles.


  • Understand our customers’ requirements and expectations and ensure we are able to meet
  • Encourage customer feedback to help improve performance and services.


  • Sustain quality excellence through continual improvement of processes and services.
  • Set, communicate and achieve quality objectives.
  • Understand and manage our processes to ensure they are performed effectively and safely.
  • Maintain a documented management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and other applicable legislative and regulatory standards.


  • Ensure employees are competent to carry out their responsibilities effectively and safely.
  • Involve employees as appropriate in quality and performance improvement decisions.


  • Only use reliable, competent and safe suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Establish close relationships with key suppliers and subcontractors for mutual benefit.

This policy is periodically reviewed by the Directors and amended as needed to ensure continuing applicability. Changes are approved and employees and other interested parties informed accordingly.

Top 5 Reasons to choose us:

We always try and understand our customers' requirements and expectations to ensure we are able to meet them.
We sustain quality excellence through our continual improvement of processes and services.
We maintain a documented management system meeting the requirements of ISO9001:2008
We have a vast knowledgebase on many design-related issues which enables us to produce successful products.
Our rapid prototyping enables us to turn around jobs within 24 hours to five working days without compromising quality.